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Jenova's box...is that supposed to be innuendo for something? *wink wink*

Teh Survey of DOOM

The Basics

Name: Alexandra
Nickname: Xana
Age: Late 20s.
Gender: Female.
Likes: Travel, books, reading/writing, costuming/cosplay, Japan, Japanese, acquiring knowledge, various cultural pursuits, immortality, coffee, languages, theatre, Chinese opera, karaoke, dancing, swords/kendo, squirrels
Dislikes: Stupidity, people who think they’re better than me when they couldn’t possibly be further from the truth, homophobia, insecure people, ignorance, roommates who don't clean up after themselves, snow
Strong Points: Intelligent, witty, charming, driven, ambitious, rational, I know what I am and am not capable of, loyal, adaptable, ”insanely cultured” (to quote one friend), the perfect conversationalist, I’m a complete INTJ (for those of you who know your Myers-Briggs) which means I can come across as cold/aloof but I actually feel things very deeply. I have a wry/morbid sense of humor.
Weak Points: I have very high standards, aka perfectionist. Some people find me intimidating. I sometimes get so caught up in the “right way to do something” that I can be blinded to other options, because I think mine is the right one. I can be too cautious and must seek out and analyze all my options before I choose one. I can be moody.

Kindly share something few people know about you. I struggle between wanting to do right and wanting to give into some darker part of my nature. I am cynical about love, but deep down I want to be IN love with someone and have that feeling returned.

The Middle Part

Is the glass half full or half empty?: Do you want me to analyze this question and go into a long diatribe about how the glass is half full or half empty depending on whether it was full in the first place and emptied to half, making it "half empty", or was only filled to the halfway mark, making it "half full"?
Would you cross the bridge, ignore the bridge and find a longer route, burn the bridge, or burn it while you were in the middle of it, just for argument's sake?: Cross the bridge and then burn it. I'd want to make sure the stalkers couldn't follow me. ^_~
Colour or color?: Color.
Favourite quote?: “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence.” -Albert Einstein

Favourite Colour?: Red, black, gold
Pastimes?: Graduate school? Sometimes I feel that it is all I have time for at the moment. Reading, writing, kendo/swordsmanship, karaoke, jewelry making, cosplay, gaming, taking walks, studying Japanese, JET Alumni group

The Ending Part

Favourite FFVII character?: Sephiroth. And I'm not fangirling (well, perhaps a little...the man is beautiful.) The man can handle a 7-foot long sword, is confident, and has ambitions that go beyond the galaxy. I love the villains and I respect them because even though they may be misguided, they are intelligent and complex. While many characters in the film (and FFVII universe) are well-rounded, Sephiroth is still an enigma in many ways and his journey from perfect soldier to fallen general is poetic and fascinating. I would love to have the power and control that he does over a sword as well as the elements.
Least Favourite?: Aerith. I suppose it isn't her fault that she is used as the catalyst for Cloud's entire story. Why is it that a woman always has to be slain in order for the male hero to have a purpose? I also have an intense dislike for Hojo. The man is an abomination with his experiments and his desire to control others through manipulation and science. Talk about a man with his own (im)moral compass.
Which one you think you're most like and why?: Unfortunately, even though I have a love/hate relationship with the man...I'd have to say in some ways I'm like Cloud. I tend to play the "lone wolf" role when in reality I often want to be surrounded by my loved ones and I want to be wanted and need to know I'm wanted. I need a lot of time to myself for introspection and to recharge, but I still crave a sense of place. I can also see some of the darker aspects of my personality in how he handles problems. I also imagine Zack has a fun/perverted sense of humor and that fits me to a tee. When I'm angry...I'm definitely Sephiroth. Trust me. You don't want to see me angry. ^_~ Some of my friends also say I'm like Sephiroth or Kadaj but that's probably because I relate to the villains too well.
Would you like to be voted male or female?: Either is fine.
How did you hear about acratings? Through the LJ community search.

Anything else? When you vote I would love if you could also tell me why you voted for a certain character. Arigatou~!

PICTURES!!! Please post at least two or three clear pictures, but you can post more. No cosplay pics unless those are the only ones you honestly have >_>;; Or, describe yourself. We really wanna know if we're stalking the right person ;}

title or description I don't normally wear glasses, but am in this picture.
title or description

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