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Teh Survey of DOOM

The Basics

Name:Xssy Thea
Likes:philosophy, studying,cooking, the arts, photography, law,etc
Dislikes:being confined, being interrupted, dirty things, rude people, boredom, repeative behavior
Strong Points:loyal, optimistic, thoughful, polite
Weak Points:paranoid, somewhat lazy
Kindly share something few people know about you. I pay attention to a person's every action. I am always observing

The Middle Part

Is the glass half full or half empty?:half full.
Would you cross the bridge, ignore the bridge and find a longer route, burn the bridge, or burn it while you were in the middle of it, just for argument's sake?:I would find a longer route. I need to walk more, walking is healthy
Colour or color?:While both are correct, I prefer writing "color" because it is what I am used to. But neither are wrong.
Favourite quote?:"If we're built from spirals, while living in a giant spiral, is it possible that everthing we put our hands in to are infused with the spiral?"-PI the movie
Favourite Colour?:sage green, pink
Past times?:studying, writing, planting, video games

The Ending Part

Favourite FFVII character?:Reno, Aerith, Zack
Least Favourite?:Tifa
Which one you think you're most like and why?:I don't really know..
Would you like to be voted male or female?:either or.
How did you hear about acratings?Someone's profile

Anything else?no.

PICTURES!!! Please post at least two or three clear pictures, but you can post more. No cosplay pics unless those are the only ones you honestly have >_>;; Or, describe yourself. We really wanna know if we're stalking the right person ;}

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