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Jenova's Box is a stupid little box, and I don't very much like it..

Teh Survey of DOOM

The Basics

Name: Koh
Nickname: KohKoh, Koh kun, Koh chan
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Likes: Warmth, Music, Happy Endings (Or at least not tragic. T_T), Nature, Bunnies and small animals.
Dislikes: Rushing, Constant Talking, Coldness, Being Alone.
Strong Points: Funny, Entertaining, Loyal, Lovable.
Weak Points: Paranoid, Foolish, Dramatic, Cowardly.
Kindly share something few people know about you. Uh... well people seem to say I'm funny and entertaining (while generally I'm not trying to show off or anything. I just enjoy humor enough to try to find the comedy in any situation..). But at my worst I've been called stuck up, self centered and whiny. A few of my close friends have called me lovable though which I'm kinda glad at least they think so.. XD

The Middle Part

Is the glass half full or half empty?: Half full, or SO full that it's bursting with the lies of my blinded optimism!! (Keep in mind, my blinded optimism is not something I openly share like some girly-sunshiny thing...)
Would you cross the bridge, ignore the bridge and find a longer route, burn the bridge, or burn it while you were in the middle of it, just for argument's sake?: Uh, I don't get why you'd burn it if you're in the middle.. O_o; But I'd find a better route, most bridges are old and not too safe.
Colour or color?: lol I spell it "color", but ah... if you're asking my favorite, it's beige. *wonders why this question is here* 0.o
Favourite quote?: I have too many, and they're mostly nonsensical and made by me. Cause I'm special and original and all that.. *yawn*
Favourite Colour?: I believe I said it's beige.
Past times?: All kinds of stuff. But what I can derive from my past, mostly gaming, watching or making up things and then laughing at them with my friends.

The Ending Part

Favourite FFVII character?: Reno. (He got 2 stars from me for getting Denzel's fingers up his nose, and 2 more for hurting Rude by mistake.) But Rude gets props for just being funny looking! XD Kadaj is up there too.
Least Favourite?: Uh.. was never a fan of Cid or Barret. Or Yuffie, no offense to her.
Which one you think you're most like and why?: Hm I dunno.. I'm only guessing Reno or Kadaj. But I don't wanna put either of them down, because I'm not too bright..
Would you like to be voted male or female?: Males only, thanks.
How did you hear about acratings?</lj> I don't remember! =D
No really.. I don't. It was just in my friendslist thing from awhile back of rating-comm searching...

Anything else?

PICTURES!!! Please post at least two or three clear pictures, but you can post more. No cosplay pics unless those are the only ones you honestly have >_>;; Or, describe yourself. We really wanna know if we're stalking the right person ;}

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