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I maded you a Jenova's Box, but I eated it.

Teh Survey of DOOM

The Basics

Name: Darren
Nickname: Dare, Dazzeth, Scrotum, The Road.
Age: 22
Gender: M
Likes: Smoking, Drinking, Angry metal music, Sleeping, Food, and uh.. Blood?
Dislikes: Stupidity, Incessant pestering, Ugly people who think they're 's gift to the Earth, Lying.
Strong Points: Brutal honesty, Stick with my Convictions.
Weak Points: Very easily distracted, Easy to anger, Very much not a social type person.
Kindly share something few people know about you.
I have been homeless for spans of time for several moments of my life.

The Middle Part

Is the glass half full or half empty?: Both.
Would you cross the bridge, ignore the bridge and find a longer route, burn the bridge, or burn it while you were in the middle of it, just for argument's sake?: Cross the bridge and get it over with.
Colour or color?: Color.
Favourite quote?: Procrastination is like masturbation; It feels real good while you're doing it, but in the end you realize you're just screwing yourself.
Favourite Colour?: Blue
Past times?: Reading, Video Games

The Ending Part

Favourite FFVII character?: Vincent
Least Favourite?: Cait Sith
Which one you think you're most like and why?: Eh, never really thought about it. I don't know.
Would you like to be voted male or female?: Male.
How did you hear about acratings? Info pag of ff_reflections.

Anything else?
EDIT: I'm a completely laid back and care-free person. To the point of being almost completely lazy. If not for my line of work, I'd probably sit around and do nothing.

PICTURES!!! Please post at least two or three clear pictures, but you can post more. No cosplay pics unless those are the only ones you honestly have >_>;; Or, describe yourself. We really wanna know if we're stalking the right person ;}

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