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acratings's Journal

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FFVII: Advent Children Ratings
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Hallo und welcome to ze acratings~. Everything you need to know will be convenietly mixed together in a very confusing manner meant to keep me amused...Ok, so I lie. This is a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children raiting community. Meaning, when you fill out the survey, someone will rate you as another FFVII character and expect you to return the favor ^_^;; Since we're just starting out, we wish that you would oblige and vote as many people possible until everything gets settled in.

[founder: reiji__sama] [Lyssa]
[mod: kit_freeman] [Samantha]
[mod: lightbulby] [Bulby]
[mod: samaside] [Sam]
[layout: scarlette_eyes] [Ashley]
[New Mod: jenluvskat] [Jen]

The Stamped List
Xmas 2005 Stamping Theme

_cosmo_canyon_ [Final Fantasy]
_dothack_rating [.hack]
_zelda_rating [Zelda]
ac_shadow [Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children]
antm_ratings [America's Next Top Model]
asgard_identity [Matantei Loki Ragnarok]
bleach_rating [Bleach]
dark_faimly [Vampires]
dn_rating [Death Note]
ff_rating [Final Fantasy(All)]
ff_reflection [Finak Fantasy (All)]
furuba_rating [Fruits Basket]
gravirating [Gravitation]
hagaren_rating [Fullmetal Alchemist]
hellsing_rating [Hellsing]
keybladerating [Kingdom Hearts]
midgar_rating [Final Fantasy VII]
minekura_rating [Wild Adaptor, Araiso, Bus Gamer, Stigma, Just!, Brother & Honey, misc]
naruto_rating [Naurto]
ninjafy [Naruto]
outlawstarrated [Outlaw Star]
prspd_rating [Power Rangers SPD]
sillygodratings [Gazette Ratings]
spiral_ratings [Spiral]
stamping_comms [Stamping Promotions]
sukisyo_ratings [Sukisyo]
tekken_rating [Tekken]
ultima_rating [Final Fantasy(All)]
weiss_rating [Weiss Kreuz]
fmp_rating [Full Metal Panic: FUMOFFU]
psoh_rating [Pet Shop of Horrors]
stbpanic_rating [Strawberry Panic!]
cromartierating [Cromartie High]

mama_samadosido [Amusing J-Rock Narratives]

quotid_harlem [Cam Whore Community]

ze_quirkism [MP3 Rotation]

To become an affiliate, go here! :D

Teh Rules of DOOM

+Please be kind to other members. Flame posts with no other intention will either be frozen, but most likely deleted.
+Feel free to vote even if you haven't been stamped. In fact, we ask that you do.
+Please put something about Jenova's Box in the subject line. Something creative ;} We like creativity. (Also, please note that the subject line is not the LJ-cut. It needs to be in the SUBJECT LINE. If you don't follow this rule, you don't get votes. I'm sorry, but it's not very hard.)
+The LJ cut loves you. Love it back, please. The same rule applies as the subject line: No cut, no votes, plus your survey will be deleted for taking up too much space, ESPECIALLY if there are pictures.
+We like to read, we like to write. Don't feel obligated to keep your survey short. Type, rant, put pictures...we'll get more out of it ^_^
+Don't just vote the main characters.
+If you don't like who you got stamped as, you can get re-stamped once, whenever you want. Just make sure you tell us who you got stamped as the first time.
+Don't come into the survey with a specific character in mind. If you want to joke around, as I do a lot, you might want to strike it out. (Which is < strike > words < / strike >
+You will be stamped after eight votes in a certain direction and/or seven days after you post your survey.

* We value patience, LJ-cuts and people who read the rules here at acratings. If you don't recieve a stamp within the given seven days, don't worry. You'll get one soon. It's not necessary to write an entry telling us how incompetent we are. Quite frankly, that's kind of annoying. So, please... be patient. ^_^

That's all! :D If you have a question or a personal problem, please feel free to IM Melissa at Boku no Ketsu or send her an e-mail at spreadthegeostigma@hotmail.com. Have fun, everyone!
Since Melissa is no longer in charge of the community any problems, questions, whatever can now be refered to me. Feel free to AIM me at Fengxianpwns or email me at Dekamaster3@yahoo.com

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